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Looking to up level your brand, learn techniques to expand your craft or streamline your business? As with any new endeavor or business strategy, mentoring and support from a successful business owner can be the key to launching your new idea, up-leveling or reinvigorating your business.  As a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach® (CPCC), we embrace both the right and left brain, the masculine and feminine aspects of business, we integrate the creative and ‘being’ aspects with the strategic and action-oriented aspects of business. Our integrated approach is the unique blend for achieving balance, efficiency, fulfillment and ultimately profitability.  We offer hourly coaching and business consultations for event industry professionals, organizations and creative business owners.  Packages at start at 6 sessions (50-minutes per session), available via Skype/Google Hangout or by phone, so you can truly be anywhere in the world.  We also offer in-depth business audit programs for companies of 1 to 50 to assess your strengths and opportunities, avenues to deepen values alignment, strategies for growth and efficiency with end goal to ultimately create successful a thriving company and a balanced organization.  Business/organizational audit programs are based on scope of work and company size.  Curious about working together? Inquire with to discuss your needs and goals.


What’s your dream?  What’s your true nature?  Where do you thrive?  What breathes life into your soul?  These are some of our absolute favorite questions.  In these powerful questions lie answers to life direction, contentment and fulfillment.  It can be such a confusing world with all of the outside forces like social media, family pressure and mountains of responsibilities to uncover our life’s purpose and true calling.  You may be living your life’s passion but still feeling depleted, drained or ‘cut off’ in ways that are hard to pinpoint. With 1-on-1  Co-Active coaching around life and creativity, we bring tools to navigate these challenges help uncover your deepest sense of balance, values, and align your life in a way that resonates deep to your core purpose. This process often identifies the many fears, doubts and roadblocks that inherently arise along the journey. With the belief that we are all creative and resourceful, coaching will guide you to your inner sources of deep potential, creativity and inspiration.  Life & creativity coaching is available via online Skype or phones sessions, so you can truly be anywhere in the world.   Packages at start at 6 sessions (50-minutes per session), available via Skype/Google Hangout or by phone. To experience a taste of life & creativity coaching, inquiry with to book a complimentary 30-minute sample session.

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